Aerostix Warranty Policies

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Warranty Period

Aerostix Elite


Expiration date: 18 months from the manufacturing date.


Within 12 months from the original retail purchase date.

The 24 months statutory rights for EU consumers remain unaffected by this circumstance.

Unsupported claims

The product warranty provided by Aerostix only applies to claims resulting from damage incurred during regular and safe usage. It does not extend to cover the following situations:

  • Any malfunction or damage that does not result from workmanship.
  • Any damages caused by neglect, unsafe use, or misuse, whether intentional or accidental.
  • Damage caused by natural events, including but not limited to lightning, floods, or other acts of nature.
  • Product theft or loss.
  • Aerostix shall not be held responsible for damage resulting from misuse or operation outside of intended guidelines. Negligence in following Aerostix instructions is also excluded from liability.
  • Claims regarding products that are not defective.

Steps to File a Warranty Claim

  • To file a valid claim, you can reach out to Aerostix’s customer care team by sending an email to info[at]
  • Proof of purchase is required to support all warranty claims; without it, the entire claim will become invalid.
  • Aerostix has the right to ask for more information regarding the device or product in question, such as photos and videos.
  • Aerostix maintains the right to initiate device repair procedures to restore functionality prior to authorizing a product exchange or refund.
  • If a valid claim is submitted within the warranty period, Aerostix will replace a product at no cost.

**The Limited Warranty cannot be transferred to future purchases**

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