Aerostix Elite

Unprecedented Quality

Inhaling Satisfaction.

Indulge in a seamless, flavorful vaping journey that endures throughout the day.

The Aerostix Elite ensures over 99% flavor retention, accompanied by rapid charging and extended battery life.

With its dust-proof and water-resistant design, relish in that gratifying throat hit no matter where your adventures take you.

Experience lightning-fast charging with Type-C, reaching full power in about 40 minutes.

Up to 600 puffs when fully-charged!

Unleash optimized
performance with a
robust 400 mAh battery
for unparalleled power.

Delight in a satisfying throat hit and impressive vapor clouds.


Taste Fidelity

Water-repellent architecture.

Multipurpose LED light indicator.

Different colors
to match our #OOTD

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