About Aerostix Elite

The engineering of Aerostix’s products guarantees an unobstructed view of e-liquid levels while also assisting in keeping your Aerostix sanitary and germ-free.

The crystal clear side window lets you always check how much e-liquid is in your pod, while the easy-to-grasp sides provide a hygienic pod-swapping design, meaning you never have to touch the mouthpiece.

Aerostix’s products also deliver consistently thick vapor that’s loaded with superior flavor, as well as effortless features to make vaping as convenient as it can be.

Usage and Maintenance

Remember to keep your AerostixPods away from direct sources of light. It’s also a good idea to store your device at room temperature. The expiration date is typically around 2 years from the manufacturing date. Cheers!

On average, an AerostixPod can last up to 3 days. However, if you’re a heavy user, it will probably last a day or two. 😊

Just take a gentle puff without inhaling too hard, friend! Applying too much pressure might force the liquid into the airway and cause some issues. Oh, and remember not to inhale for more than 8 seconds. If you take too long, the device will automatically stop running and you’ll see the indicator light flashing. Stay safe! 😊

Make sure your device is charged, and the pods aren’t empty. You can try cleaning the contact on the pods by gently rubbing them with a dry cotton swab. This should restore the connection between the pod and the device if any moisture has been in contact with them. If you’re still not getting any vapor, you can try inserting a different AerostixPod to see if that helps. And if you need further assistance with your warranty, please feel free to contact us at info[at] We’re here to help!

Battery care & charging know-how

Absolutely! Aerostix is air travel friendly. You can bring your devices on board. Just make sure they’re appropriately packed. Vapes, e-cigarettes, and spare lithium batteries should be placed in your carry-on luggage. However, we kindly suggest checking the vaporizer regulations with your airline before you travel.

Remember, just like cigarettes, it’s not allowed to use vapes or e-cigarettes on an aircraft.

Absolutely! With a 400 mAh Aerostix Elite, you can enjoy around 600 puffs on a single charge, depending on your personal vaping style. Talk about a vaping delight! Aerostix Elite should easily last you throughout the day. Happy vaping! 🌬💨

When you connect the charging cable, you’ll notice the LED light flashing red three times.

Throughout the charging, both the LED light and the bottom light strip will stay continuously illuminated and flashing.

Once fully charged, the LED and bottom light strip flash white ten times before turning off.

If the LED light isn’t pulsing when you plug in the USB cable, give these steps a shot:
1) Wiggle the device and USB dock to ensure a stable connection.
2) Try switching to a different power source, like a USB wall adapter or a laptop USB port.
3) If you still have trouble charging your device, contact us about your warranty at info[at] We’re here to help!


Please note that AerostixPods are intended for one-time use only, and we kindly suggest avoiding opening them.

We promise you a leak-free, worry-free vaping experience. Our AerostixPods come with three to five-dimensional anti-leak protections, including a wider airway, double-curved airflow, leak locks, multi-layered silicone seals, and a “Recycler” anti-leak atomizer system. So you can enjoy vaping without any concerns! 😊

Our devices are equipped with temperature control to give your pods the perfect amount of power. The liquid is heated using a standard wick and nichrome coil system. 😊

Right now, we’ve got you covered with our e-liquid, available exclusively in AerostixPods. 😉

Aerostix e-liquids contain four essential ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, Propylene glycol, Nicotine, and Flavorings. These components create the perfect blend for an exceptional vaping experience!

Discard & Reuse

Taking care of your Aerostix device is a breeze! To maintain its quality, keep the devices and pods dry. When it’s time for a clean, grab a slightly moistened cotton swab (a drop of water will do) and gently wipe it. Don’t forget to dry it off afterwards. Easy peasy!

Hey there! Just so you know, the Aerostix manufacture date can be found on the back of the package. Hope that helps! 😊

Hey there! It would be awesome if you could recycle all AerostixPods and other e-waste. Let’s do our part to take care of the environment together! ♻️🌍

Little-known facts about Aerostix

1. Delight in the pure essence of vaping with Aerostix Elite, featuring natural food flavorings that create an unrivaled sensory experience.

2. Rest easy knowing that our content ingredients undergo meticulous verification by local authorities, ensuring their safety and compliance.

3. Immerse yourself in the convenience of our ultra-light devices, meticulously crafted to provide effortless portability without compromising performance.

4. Experience enhanced aerodynamics and optimal grip with our thoughtfully designed devices, allowing for an unparalleled vaping experience.

5. Enjoy a consistently reliable light-up experience from the device to the cartridge level, ensuring a seamless and satisfying vape every time.

6. Bid farewell to leaks and spills with our innovative anti-leaking mechanisms, providing a worry-free vaping experience.

7. Elevate your smoking experience to new heights with Aerostix Elite, designed to enhance every draw and deliver unparalleled satisfaction.

8. Say goodbye to the lingering scent of cigarettes with Aerostix Elite, offering a refreshing and odor-free vaping alternative.

9. Rest assured of product quality and safety with SIRIM testing, ensuring that our devices meet rigorous standards of excellence.

10. Experience the utmost in production and quality control management with Aerostix, as we adhere strictly to protocols to deliver products of the highest caliber.

11. Enjoy consistently and even heat from the first puff to the last, providing a satisfying vaping experience throughout your session.

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